Using our patent pending 4D Image Blend™ Technology, we can economically create and add to existing spokesperson content, eliminating the need to redo content when revisions or additions are necessary.   This unique patent pending technology 3D imagery process produces super photorealistic content that allows your virtual assistant to dynamically change the direction of the conversation seamlessly.

It also provides immense flexibility while interacting with your customers in a dynamic environment, enabling your assistant to inject a variety of variable words, numbers or phrases dynamically into a conversation. Real-time information such as the weather, interest rates, and product or service offers can be incorporated into the conversation.



4D Focused Voice Recognition™ enables a customer to ask extremely complex questions and receive the perfect answer. The revolutionary 4D Focused Voice Recognition and Answering technology identifies the question and provides the perfect corresponding audio and video solution. This always guarantees the best possible response, as it’s scripted by you.


No one likes waiting in line. Although the introduction of automated customer management systems have reduced wait times, these systems lack the intimacy and comprehensive service a human attendant provide.

4D Retail Technology Corp’s QuickServe™ platform provides the best of both worlds. Not only does it serve to reduce wait times by working alongside human tellers, but it also provides immediate customer service to those who simply don’t have time to wait in line. So, how does it work? Before a customer enters the queue, they are greeted by Anna, an eye-catching virtual attendant encapsulated in our V-Wall™. Employees are provided hand-held devices that provides a method of communication to Anna. These hand-held devices provides both notifications as well as customer reception statistics.Using the TopView™ technology embedded within these devices, Anna can notify customers of their approximate wait time. After stating the wait time, Anna can begin providing additional services as required, such as scheduling appointments, providing answers to frequently asked questions and advertising the latest promotions.



4D Retail Technology Corp’s interactive decoder provides 2D barcode (such as QR) and conventional barcode (such as UPC) integration into the V-WALL™ and Magic Mirror™ platforms. Some examples of applications include product price checking within a retail environment, automated lead capture in a trade show or loyalty card/points card implementation.