4D ImageBlend™

Using our patent pending 4D Image Blend™ technology, we can economically create and add to existing “Anna” content, eliminating the need to redo content when revisions or additions are necessary. Our unique patent pending 3D imagery process produces super photorealistic content that allows your virtual assistant to dynamically change the direction of the conversation seamlessly.


This unique technology also provides immense flexibility while interacting with your customers in a dynamic environment, enabling your assistant to inject a variety of variable words, numbers or phrases dynamically into a conversation. Real-time information such as the weather, interest rates, and products or service offers can be incorporated into the conversation as well.


4D Targeted Voice Recognition™

4D Focused Voice Recognition™ enables a customer to ask extremely complex questions and receive the perfect answer. The revolutionary 4D Focused Voice Recognition and Answering technology identifies the question and provides the perfect corresponding audio and video solution. This always guarantees the best possible response, as it’s scripted by you.


4D Retail Technology Corp.’s interactive video wall concept uses an Intuitive NearTouch™ motion system that detects areas of interest before contact, activating the desired area and acknowledging contact through immediate feedback.


Depending on a customer’s proximity to the Magic Mirror Display™, he or she can make a selection by simply moving their hand towards a specific region of the glass. As the customer’s hand moves closer to the wall, the selected area becomes activated – extending touch-screen functionality to the Magic Mirror Display™ without having to touch the physical surface of the glass.


In addition, more complex “behind-the-scenes” functionality can be incorporated through NearTouch™. For example, the region of the glass dedicated to assistance requests can send Email or SMS notifications when activated. This functionality can be extended further by allowing receiving parties to respond to the Email or SMS indicating the approximate wait time until they arrive on site. Upon receiving an update, Anna immediately conveys this information to the customer.


3D Barcode Detection Zone

4D Retail Technology Corp’s interactive decoder provides 2D barcode (such as QR) and conventional barcode (such as UPC) integration into the V-WALL™ and Magic Mirror™ platforms. Some examples of applications include product price check within a retail environment, automated lead capture in a trade show or loyalty card/points card implementation.