4D Magic Mirror Display™

Our 4D Magic Mirror Display™ is a highly advanced and sleek display platform that features several of our groundbreaking patent pending technologies, including 4D Targeted Voice Recognition™ and NearTouch™ technology.


Like our Interactive V-Wall™, the 4D Magic Mirror™ incorporates “Anna”, a super realistic virtual assistant, who can assist customers in a variety of ways. Capable of answering complex questions with ease, Anna uses highly advanced voice recognition technology to first recognize what is being asked, and then deliver the perfect response. You can rest assured that all of her answers are correct, because the answers are scripted by you! Unlike her human colleagues, Anna has no difficulty remembering key selling points, product inventory levels and pricing information in huge detail. She can also answer any questions or concerns that may arise at the point of purchase, making her an invaluable part of your selling team.


Simply place the 4D Magic Mirror Display™ on an existing shelf, pedestal or display counter, switch it on and start offering your customers customer service far beyond the capabilities of your best trained employees.